The Yosemite Vortex Intensive Gives you the Techniques

To Take Your Yosemite Visit to a Deeper Level

Now Available as a 3-Part Series (20 minutes each)


Find Peace & Connectedness Using Upflow Vortexes:

               ~ Connect with Your Soul and your Guides

               ~ Learn the Brain’s Secret to Ease Anger, worry, hurt and fear.

               ~  Learn to Infuse yourself with peaceful Soul energy and connectedness

               ~ Learn how to soar on the Universal Expansive Energy

Heal the Past and Quest the Future with Inflow and Lateral Vortexes:

     Inflow Vortexes can help you:

               ~  Tap the Quantum Connection of Love

               ~ Find and Heal your Soul crystal to clear current and past life soul bruises

               ~ Radiate that energy to help others

Lateral Vortexes help you:

               ~Find meaning and purpose from past and future

               ~ How to Do a Vision Quest