In this private, 90-minute session,

I will share with you an analysis of your present state of being, including:
~ Your natural psychic strengths,

~ Your present usage of them,

~ The psychic pressures currently bombarding you,

~ And a measure of the overall strength and sensitivity of your aura.

Most Importantly, I will show you a method for achieving direct communication

with your team of Spiritual Guides.

Other skills taught during the session include how to quickly
recharge and strengthen your aura and how to tap the Soul Dimension.


Appointments are usually held in my mid-town Oakhurst office. To set an Appointment for a “Soul Profile & Guides Counseling” Session, please contact me by email at or by phone at 559-760-9273.  Give me your name and contact information as well as the day and time you would prefer.  I will get back to you promptly. Best availability is early morning (9-10 am) or late afternoon (4-5 pm).  After I have confirmed the appointment you will need to purchase the session below.                ~  Thank you, Carol Doudna