Yosemite VORTEX Intensive


3-Hour Video Class to learn how to use vortex energy to enhance your life.

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3-Hour Video Class on how to use vortexes to improve your life here and everywhere.

Yosemite Vortex Intensive:

Find Peace & Connectedness Using Upflow Vortexes:

Tap the energy of Upflow Vortexes to connect with Your Soul and your Guides.
The Brain’s Secret to Ease Anger, Worry, Hurt and Fear and Live Positively.
How to Infuse Yourself with Peaceful Soul Energy and connectedness.
How to Soar on the Universal Expansive Energy.

Heal the Past and Quest the Future with Inflow and Lateral Vortexes:

Inflow Vortexes can help you:
Tap the Quantum Connection of Love
Find and Heal Your Soul Crystal to Clear Current and Past Life Soul Bruises
Radiate that energy to help others
Lateral Vortexes Help you:
Find Meaning & Purpose from Past & Future
How to Do a Vision Quest


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