Yosemite Vortex Intensive


What are Vortexes?  Where to find them.  How to use them to enhance your life.  Includes guided meditations.



The Vortex Intensive is a 3-part video class about the Vortexes of Yosemite.

Part One:  What are vortexes & where to find them.  Also, using upflow vortexes to lift your spirit and better connect with your soul and spiritual helpers for answers and guidance.  Guided meditation:  The Soul Shift

Part Two:  Using inflow vortexes to connect with the love energy of your deeper soul and all that is to soothe and energize your life. Guided meditation:  Healing and Energizing your Soul Crystal.

Part Three:  How to ride the waves of time to heal past hurts and find lessons for your best possible future.  Guided Meditation: Tapping Past & Future Energies.



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