The Benefits of Pranic Energy Healing :

               ~ Stress Release
               ~ Accelerates your natural healing
               ~ Cleans & strengthens your energy body.
               ~ Enhances immunity
               ~ Increases peace and well being      

Pranic Energy Medicine is a non-touch healing method distinguished by the use of:
           ~ Purposeful cleansing,
           ~ Powerful colored pranas (energies)
           ~ the practice of energy hygiene and
           ~ Pranic Psychotherapy (the energetic side of psychology). 

Most chronic illnesses have an energetic component. It is necessary to eliminate this in order to heal.


You will rest while I cleanse and energize your entire energy system. I will use colored pranas (energy) to affect the needed results. You will feel completely relaxed and peaceful, some even fall asleep.

How many sessions does it take to resolve a problem?  

Most conditions can be resolved in 1-3 sessions. Chronic problems may require periodic “tune-up” sessions.

 Remote Sessions:
It is possible to have a healing session remotely.  It requires a specific time when you can lay down and relax.

I will telephone you at the beginning and again at the end of the session.


What training do we have?
We are trained in all four types of Pranic Energy Healing:  

Basic, Advanced, Pranic Psychotherapy and Pranic Crystal Healing


Appointments are usually held in my mid-town Oakhurst office, or can be held remotely.  To schedule a Pranic Energy Medicine Session, please email me at or telephone me at 559-760-9273.  I will get back to you promptly.  Give me your name and contact information as well as the day and time you prefer.  Best availability is early morning (9 or 10 am) or late afternoon (3 to 5 pm).   After your appointment is set, you will need to prepay for the session below.   Thank you, Carol Doudna