Energy Matters presents video classes about the vortexes of Yosemite based on Pete A. Sanders, Jr.’s book “Scientific Vortex Information–an MIT-trained Scientist’s Method”.  We also offer a three-hour intensive class on how to use the vortexes to turbo-boost your experience and find peace and connectedness and heal soul bruises not just here today, but wherever you travel for the rest of your life.  We offer Free Soul Meditations on MP3 or CD to enhance your visit.  We also offer a private soul profile about your own psychic gifts and a method to get answers from your spiritual guides without using psychic means.  In addition, we offer Pranic Energy Medicine sessions.  Learn more below.

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Coming in early 2019

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Science says you exist in 10 or more dimensions, the 3 or space, 1 of time 

and 6 others we don’t have the knowledge to measure into yet.

Exploration has always preceded technology. Columbus had no GPS.
You CAN explore your unlimited potential HERE and NOW.

The Vortex Experience and Intensive Videos are Free Soul Workshops presented by
Carol Doudna, owner of Energy Matters, Certified Senior Free Soul Instructor & Counselor.

Free Soul was founded in 1980 by Pete A. Sanders, Jr., MIT honor’s graduate
and author of the best selling You Are Psychic, Access Your Brain’s Joy Center
and Scientific Vortex Information.
Our main goal is to help you become your own best Spiritual teacher.
Free Soul is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public education program.